Netsky ~ Everyday

This never ceases to be extremely chill and spot on.


The BIG Things that Make Life Complete

In the gig news we’ve got Chase&Status going on a tour with their new album Brand New Machine. As if that wasn’t good enough, the best part is that Netsky will be there making my life complete. Best party in town you ask? Betcha.


Fancy a taste?



Mid-Night Music for All You Anons

To lift us of: Netsky’s new album 2 Deluxe is OFF THE HOOK (I never talk like that)! But seriously, this Belgian boy is taking a more mainstream-approach with this album but it works so perfectly. Toronto show is in April at Kool Haus, be there!


Somehow I ended up listening to Skrillex although his over-hyped status had been putting me off for quite a while. Yet, due to K’s superior musical knowledge I gave him a listen and I guess my music preferences have strongly changed because I really enjoyed Bangarang. (Promises is from a different EP).


Oh, oh! And Hurts’s new album Exile is out. Give it a listen because these two Brits are fantastic!