Controlling Sound with Your Face

The Creator’s Project is at it again showing another amazing project/invention/idea created by a Japanese artist Daito Manabe. The ideas he explores in the video are awesome! Especially for someone like me because I have zero skill in making music but if it’s brought into the consumer sphere through, for example, collaborations with Nike (and thus their runners), I swear I’ll be dancing all night long! As paranoid as technology can make me (thank your robot films), this kind of use is pure beauty. Like a perfect balance between a human being’s endless creativity and technology.

As a reminder, The Creator’s Project is a collaboration between Intel and Vice. For more information check the link you just passed!


Marshmallow Laser Feast

A video well worth checking if you’re into colour, light and laserbeamzz.┬áHere’s some links so that thee must look no further:

Marshmallow Laser Feast

The Creators Project, well worth checking. It’s this collaboration of Intel and the ever so capturing VICE