Musicwood & Expedition to the End of the World

Here are two stunning docs that I got a chance to see over the past week and thus can strongly recommend!

Musicwood (dir. Maxine Trump) is about the big guitar makers like Martin, Gibson and Taylor coming together with Greenpeace to try to negotiate an environmentally friendly alternative with a Native American logging company which is clear-cutting one of the oldest and vital rain forests on the planet. The film sheds light on how complicated and intertwined saving the beautiful forest actually is. Another positive thing about the film is that instead of leaving you depressed and hopeless about the torture humans submit the planet to, it instead leaves you with thoughts and an urge to act and do your part. Don’t be scared off if it sounds too music or guitar specific, its message extends beyond saving the acoustic guitar.

Expedition to the End of the World (dir. Daniel Dencik) is a crazy adventure story that takes bunch of Scandinavian scientists and artists to Greenland to discover how strong of an (mostly negative) impact humans have on the environment. That said, the film is framed in an epic way with some philosophical, peace-of-mind offering insights into dealing with the situation. Needless to say the scenery is breathtaking and mostly untouched by humans. An extra bit of spice comes from the typical Scandy-humour, which rarely is seen in documentaries that seriously address our impact on the planet. This doc is an epic journey you don’t want to miss!

If you’re in UK, the UK Green Film Festival will run across venues in the country in the beginning of June and these two docs are part of the program. So, if you’re interested check their site and find a screening near you.



Planet Ocean

A stunning piece of work that seems to have the power to change one’s world view.

Directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot

Advanced Style

Fashion, fashion, fashion – it would be impossible not to love or live it. These ladies have inspired me to make finds at this weekend’s vintage fair. One day I will be able to say “Rodarte is my current favourite,” – priceless!

IMPORTANT: Terms and Conditions May Apply

So maybe you’re not the biggest fan of trailers. But do yourself a favour and watch this one. This isn’t just a trailer for another film that’ll fade into the back of your memory. THIS is happening right now and is violating some major privacy policies. The reason this issue is easy to ignore is because it happens where all the government business happens: behind the scenes and out of the public’s view. Sure this issue has been brought up before, but it’s good to see people acting on it. So, do your part and spread the word.

Thanks to Terms and Conditions May Apply paranoia in 3…2…1…

Searching for Sugar Man

I saw an amazing documentary a couple of days ago, during a much needed weekend at the Belgian coast. In the documentary ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ you learn about the marvellous story of Sixto Rodriguez, a musician who had to work construction in the U.S. while without him knowing his albums sparkled the revolution against apartheid in South Africa. A really beautiful view of a very special man of admirable strength and integrity. Here’s the trailer and a song by this true artist.


Vice – Entering New Worlds Through Photography

Check their videos, HQ on youtube with a very wide range of subjects. They’re interesting.


This week I went to see a beautiful film Samsara. It was a nice change by not having a clear narrative (if any narrative at all) and no dialogue. It felt like it was more HD than films usually are (either TIFF has a projector supporting 70 mm or maybe it’s because I usually watch them all on my tiny computer screen)…. Either way, the landscapes were stunning and the scenes filmed in a way that made them seem beautiful on the pure level of cinematography (I’m not implying that the mass-production scenes were beautiful because of their content). And even though, like I said, the film didn’t seem to have a coherent narrative it still told a story through the images and the message (at least the way I perceived it) was powerful. I really recommend to check this beautiful piece of art out!

Oh, AND (!) they had a performance by Olivier de Sagazan which was epic (considering how I’ve failed to find more than one impressive performance by him online)!

Directed by Ron Fricke