IMPORTANT: Terms and Conditions May Apply

So maybe you’re not the biggest fan of trailers. But do yourself a favour and watch this one. This isn’t just a trailer for another film that’ll fade into the back of your memory. THIS is¬†happening right now and is violating some major privacy policies. The reason this issue is easy to ignore is because it happens where all the government business happens: behind the scenes and out of the public’s view. Sure this issue has been brought up before, but it’s good to see people acting on it. So, do your part and spread the word.

Thanks to Terms and Conditions May Apply¬†paranoia in 3…2…1…




Anonymous Italy VS Italian State Police (1-0)

Media is scaring me. If I would not have been following anonymous on Twitter I would not even have heard about Anomymous hacking into the Italian State Police files. This just shows how well the content received by people is filtered. Instead of letting all these negative words float out of me I’m just going to keep them inside and hope for the best.

Win for Anonymous.

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