The Guest

As the film world is gearing up towards the end of the summer, September seems to be full of intriguing thriller releases here in the UK. One of them comes from the makers of the wonderful and brutal You’re Next.

The Guest, starring the ever-so-charismatic Dan Stevens, looks cold, mysterious and promising. A soldier makes his way into the Peterson family by claiming to have been a friend of their son who died while serving in Afghanistan. Yet, a string of what appear to be accidental deaths seems to follow David raising suspicions about who he really is.


Is this the horror we’ve been waiting for all our lives?

After some quick browsing, site-checking and trailer watching I’m ready to give You’re Next a try. Why? Because there’s an unexpected twist, because it’s gotten some good reviews and frankly because I’m desperate for a good horror. Also, their site is pretty good. Alright, maybe I’m making excuses but something keeps me intrigued. We’ll see, we’ll see.

The film directed by Adam Wingard premiers in August.