Resurrecting NSNV

It’s always hard staring at a blank page and hovering your fingers over the keyboard thinking what would be good enough, interesting, not lame to write. That’s how I feel right now writing this post and coming up with an excuse for NSNV’s over a month long coma. Well, the truth (and not an excuse) is that summer was busy interning and shoving my foot between the door with a ‘Film Biz’ name on it. After that yet another move to this wet, wet island of United Kingdom and another process of adapting to a new school and a new environment.

It might sound like a big cliché but actually wishes and hopes do come true. The line ‘be careful what you wish for’ is pretty damn real. And so the time I spend playing while sitting in suitcases as a child has actually transformed into something concrete and I am getting to travel the world. As much as it hurts to leave the good friends, the good connections and the CN tower behind me, being in a new place is wonderful! It’s not like I need to spend the rest of my life here…

With that said, this blog deserved a bit of a new and less darker look – thus yellow. Pictures please…



I have been a bit too busy with my internship to update the blog regularly enough, my apologies! On the bright side, I’ve learnt a lot of new and useful information about bunch of aspects of filmmaking. Thanks for that (and a shout-out) goes to Raindance! If you’re an independent filmmaker and don’t know what Raindance is, click on that link. During my time here I’ve got to (like I said) learn good skills but also meet so many amazing people who share my passions for filmmaking – I guess I’m building that network or community everybody always talks about!

Just a bit of background. Raindance was founded by Elliot Grove and started off as a Raindance Film Festival in London (which is still going on). But from there they developed into a non-profit organization that provides independent filmmakers with resources like courses in any area of filmmaking, consultation and networking. They are also an international organization that has offices in quite a few places in Europe and North-America. So yeah, if you’re an independent filmmaker in despair (as I guess most of us at some point are), check them out.

That’s my mini-rant about what’s been going on and obviously I won’t leave you just with that because it’s always much more fun to check out a video that either motivates you, makes you think, or teaches you something (or all of those)! So, here’s an amazing short Wonderland that basically consists of interviews with artists who talk about, well, how to balance being an artist and staying true to your vision while trying to work for big companies who are more concerned with profit. And how in the midst of all that, to actually make money from the thing you love most in life – your art. It’s a pretty short and all the artists bring good insights, so check it out below.

Summer Has Arrived to Torontoland

Continuing along the line of pictures, I want to memorize how pleasantly pretty Toronto seems to be in summer. Since this is my first summer here, I haven’t before gotten to experience all the green-ness I see around — this makes me so happy! And having a girl who works every picture like a model (she should be), made today a good day overall. Back to Daft Punk and Alive 2007 (pure love).

NL/BE 2013


This time my absence can be justified by a trip to Euroland (Europe) I just made. What a wonderful surprise that Amsterdam had so much more to offer than just coffee shops. Unfortunately the only event (RFLX) we were supposed to attend with tickets, we missed due to chaotic Queen’s Day (retitled by me as “The Orange Day”) and thus the public transportation was lagging. Either way, some epic chilling and relaxing was done and that’s what matters! Pictures have the ability to express and impress (not claiming that these will), still enjoy.


Snowstorm Followed by Bluebird


Welcome to our blog’s new layout. I hope you enjoy it. I surely do (no bragging). I just find a change for a new year quite acceptable.

Unfortunately yesterday’s snowstorm completely ruined my plans of attending Porter Robinson’s show at Kool Haus. Yet today, looking outside, there’s no trace of any clouds. Instead, the weather is perfect for snowboarding. TOO BAD that is not an option for me since I am not close to any slopes whatsoever. What a waste of snow! (Although, at least winter is here now.)

It’s past one o’clock and I am finding this battle with bed-gravity being particularly tough today! Yet, school-work awaits me and I should not complain since I get to write a so called ‘monster analysis’ that deals with horror films. Other things to look forward to contain Valentine’s Day, the fast approaching reading-week, Spring, an exchange year in the Netherlands… I have no idea why this is turning into a journal-entry when I barely manage to write 10 lines in my usual posts.

I must’ve felt like I need to explain the sudden change in the look, and I’m probably secretly procrastinating. I shall comfort myself with a hot-and-sour soup later.

Either way, I wish you an excellent year of the snake. Love, prosper, and smile.