The Congress

An amazing looking film that evokes the feelings and potential of dreams and the state of dreaming (in my opinion) but more realistically probably a bigger comment on the use of CGI and our viewing experience.

Google: “In his novel The Futurological Congress, the great science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem foresaw a worldwide chemical dictatorship run by the leading pharmaceutical companies. Written in the late 1960s, the book depicted drug manufacturers’ complete control of our entire range of emotions, from love and longings, to jealousy and deadly fear.

The film adaptation of his novel introduces the current cinematic technologies of 3-D and motion capture, which threaten to eradicate the cinema we grew up on.  This film takes 3-D computer images one step further, developing them into a chemical formula that every customer may consume through prescription pills, thereby compiling in their minds the movies they have always wanted to see, staging their fantasies, and casting the actors they adore.

In this world, these beloved creatures of stage and cinema become futile relics, lacking in content, remembered by no one. Where, then, do these actors go after selling their souls and identities to the studio devil?”


Controlling Sound with Your Face

The Creator’s Project is at it again showing another amazing project/invention/idea created by a Japanese artist Daito Manabe. The ideas he explores in the video are awesome! Especially for someone like me because I have zero skill in making music but if it’s brought into the consumer sphere through, for example, collaborations with Nike (and thus their runners), I swear I’ll be dancing all night long! As paranoid as technology can make me (thank your robot films), this kind of use is pure beauty. Like a perfect balance between a human being’s endless creativity and technology.

As a reminder, The Creator’s Project is a collaboration between Intel and Vice. For more information check the link you just passed!