OLD POST // Wassily Kandinsky


Wassily Wasilyevich Kandinsky, born on 4th December in 1866, was a Russian painter and a graphic artist. He is considered to be one of the first creators of pure abstraction in modern art. It seems like he travelled a lot as a kid, since young age he played the cello and the piano and also drew with a coach. But it was not only until he was 30, after his law and economics studies, that he decided to actually become an artist.

Well, thank god he did because his work is absolutely amazing in my opinion.
In general colours are very close to my heart (for some odd reason), and his paintings… They just fill me and make me feel satisfied. The tone of the used colours is just perfect, it is strong but not annoying.
I think one could just keep looking at his work, in a way the eye rests on the paintings, makes one feel very satisfied, calm. I simply love the feeling it brings.
Besides painting he also wrote three books concerning the subject; Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Rückblicke, Point and Line to Plane.
“Colour is the key. The eye is the hammer. The soul is the piano with its many chords. The artist is the hand that, by touching this or that key, sets the soul vibrating automatically.”
– Wassily Kandinsky


“The true work of art is born from the ‘artist’: a mysterious, enigmatic, and mystical creation. It detaches itself from him, it acquires an autonomous life, becomes a personality, an independent subject, animated with a spiritual breath, the living subject of a real existence of being.”
– Wassily Kandinsky
“Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body.”
– Wassily Kandinsky



OLD POST // Alex Grey


Been spending my time watching Alex Grey artwork. He’s an American artist who makes somewhat scary yet beautiful paintings and drawings, you might know him for the famous drawings he did for the albums of the band Tool, influenced by his studies in Anatomy and, as I kind of expected, recreational use of LSD. I could give more information but I can also stop pretending I know that much about him you couldn’t find out via wikipedia and his own official website. I just like his work a lot, think it’s beautiful in a way I can’t really put my finger on. You can find out a lot about him and what he’s doing on his official site: www.alexgrey.com