Although I’m not the biggest Apple consumer out there, I do want to see this film “inspired by true events.” Unfortunately, one thing that catches my ear in an unpleasant way is Ashton Kutcher’s voice, I don’t like it. But I will give the film a try. Enjoy Apple geeks!


Crystal Fairy

How about a “trippy”-roadtrip-summer movie with Michael Cera being normal and not a fucking creep (Magic Magic)? The trailer looks good, the music sounds good, there’s a French accent (at least it sounds French, to me, maybe I want it to, whatever)! What else is there?

Directed by Chilean Sebasti√°n Silva (who also directed Magic Magic), the film won the Directing Award at Sundance. Not that the prizes guarantee a good film, but I feel like this might be a feel-good watch.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Someone’s addicted to money and partying. YES LEO, I’m talking about you! Either way, this looks good and Leo looks good. Fuck, even the trailer looks good (editing-wise)!

IMDB: “A New York stockbroker refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, corporate banking world and mob infiltration.”

Btw, who likes wordpress’ new look?

Man of Steel: The Superficial Review


I haven’t seen Man of Steel yet and honestly, after reading such varying reviews and opinions I am speculating if I should pay the high price movie tickets cost today at all. Although this review here doesn’t make that decision easier, it’s a well and funnily written review which you should check out.

TheSuperficial is notorious for all his boob/ass posts but when it comes to reviews, it’s worth the read! Maybe, just maybe, it’ll help you decide whether to see the movie or not if you’re also struggling with the dilemma.

Man of Steel review 

The Desolation of Smaug

Please, give me all these actors and this universe, NOW!

Enjoy the first trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. As a little note, I shall not judge the face of the mighty dragon I laid my eyes upon. But they better have created a bad-ass dragon because dragons are important to me, and if it’ll be anything else than stunning, I won’t approve. So far this looks amazing, though!

Anonymous Italy VS Italian State Police (1-0)

Media is scaring me. If I would not have been following anonymous on Twitter I would not even have heard about Anomymous hacking into the Italian State Police files. This just shows how well the content received by people is filtered. Instead of letting all these negative words float out of me I’m just going to keep them inside and hope for the best.

Win for Anonymous.

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