A beautiful tune for the weekend from the ever-celestial Röyksopp and Robyn.


Röyksopp ~ Someone Like Me

This one is eternally beautiful.

Netsky ~ Everyday

This never ceases to be extremely chill and spot on.

La Dispute ~ Andria

This is far from the kind of music I normally listen to but this track just does it to me. Sad, melancholic, nostalgic, etc. etc. etc.

Mistaken For Strangers

I got a great chance to see this touching, funny and beautiful documentary about The National.

The trailer makes the film seem quite goofy but it actually turns out to be touching and honest above all. It’s first an intimate account about Matt’s and Tom’s relationship and second a documentary about The National. Whether you’re a fan or not, this is a worthwhile watch because it somehow manages to connect with you in a really humane way.

Stan SB ~ Dead

Monday track. Enjoy.


Shall we have some late night Liquicity for us after all this NSNV abandonment? YES! Make your pick.

Corinne Bailey Rae ~ Like A Star

I completely forgot about this gem of an artist. Perfect feels.

The Animals Were Gone

A bit of Saturday blues with Damien Rice.


A perfect song to fill the space around me.