Controller by Saman Kesh

While in despair over my final short film project which I believe I shall fail, I sought solace in successful and beautifully executed short films and found this sci-fi beauty by Saman Kesh, who by the way has directed bunch of awesome music videos which are worth checking out!


The Quiet Escape

Stumbled upon this cool little piece of art.

Evolution of Film by Scott Ewing

The title pretty much says it all. Love film.

Just Make it Stop

Here’s an excellent unofficial short film a friend of mine made for Low’s Just Make it Stop. I will go ahead and say that I don’t think one often sees stuff like this nowadays. It looks like a perfect fit between the song and the film!



Grzegorz Jonkajtys

(Had to copy-paste that title because how can anyone remember the spelling of that name!) Never thought I’d blog about a visual effects artist but this guy is impressive! Besides being a filmmaker he has also worked on a lot of big Hollywood films (Sin City, Star Trek, Transformers, Iron Man, Battleship, Cloud Atlas, Pacific Rim, etc.).

But I guess I was mostly impressed by the three short films below. All of them have a somewhat dark subject matter – a doomed future. Maybe that’s why I like them so…