With all the buzz surrounding Boyhood I felt like I had to see it mainly because of that. Until, a friend of mine asked what it is that makes the film so good? I realized that the best (and maybe only) point I could make was that it was shot over the course of 12 years recording the growth (both physical and mental) of one family and especially the son Mason (Ellar Coltrane).

I’m glad the hype was justified. Directed by Richard Linklater, this unique film is a beautiful drama centring on a boy’s life from his childhood to the first steps of adulthood. The years, all 12 of them, switch from one to another smoothly in process casting some childhood nostalgia on the early 2000s. The best way I can describe the film is that it gives you that feeling when you just have a small, content smile on your face whether for the childhood memories, the family love, the humour, or something else. That is not to say that Mason’s life is without hardships though. On the contrary, there’s the divorce, the missing for a father, the drunk step-fathers, constant moving and leaving friends behind, being the ‘artsy’ kid and all the struggles of coming-of-age. What works though is the fact that the accounts feel real, somehow truthful to life, realistic – a goal the director must’ve had in mind otherwise why go through the trouble of working on the project for so many years, right?

This is definitely a unique and authentic example of great cinema that won’t be forgotten any time soon. And so, it’s definitely a must-see!


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