I must admit the first film, The Purge, didn’t do too much for me. I though the whole idea of ‘purging’ was stupid and then from the very beginning there was no doubt who would turn out to be the hero. But I gotta give it to the sequel for stepping it up.

The Purge: Anarchy is larger in scale although at its core it is still about a very personal conflict – the need for revenge after being wronged. Don’t worry though; it’s all done according to the Hollywood formula where the protagonist grows into a better, stronger, forgiving person. That aside though, there’s plenty of violence, blood-shed and, as usual, the 1% doing whatever fucked up things they please to do.

I do have some issues with some of the secondary storylines. For example the masked gang that is presented in the beginning is intriguing yet the story doesn’t really go anywhere but instead dies of once their leader gets his money. The second storyline that bothers me is about the anti-Purge resistance group which does a lot of talking against the Purge but yet again it doesn’t develop anywhere beyond a bloodshed at the end. Again the expectations are raised a bit too high especially with Cali (Zoë Soul) constantly talking about the group with such praise. I am suspecting that the resistance-group angle might be developed in the further franchise entries though.

Overall the film is good, mindless, violent entertainment. I’m almost a bit surprised how Hollywood is allowing for this kind of a critique of the American government, however, I am not complaining!

364 days until the next annual Purge…


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