The 100-year-old explosives expert Allan (Robert Gustafsson) escapes from a retirement home on his birthday only to acquire a suitcase containing 50 million Swedish kronor setting him on a journey involving a biker gang ‘Never Again’, the elephant Sonya, a nose-hair-picking cop, a gangster residing in Bali, a lot of drinking and a lot of explosions.

Adapted from the bestselling novel (which I haven’t read) the film is well-entertaining. Set in the calm landscapes of the pretty Sweden, while running away Allan keeps recounting his experiences with Franco, Stalin, Oppenheimer, Eisenstein’s idiot brother and Raegan. Basically, this man has influenced the course of the history in some pretty major and historical ways yet he rarely seems to acknowledge it. Instead he, and the film, effortlessly make their way to whatever destination they set their mind on. Light in tone with well-balanced Scandinavian humour, Felix Herngren’s adaptation is overall a perfect summer dip.


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