I often prefer simple posters to the more messy ones (action film posters, I’m looking at you). So, to prove the point, here are the O-faced character posters for the much anticipated Nymphomaniac directed by Lars Von Trier.


One thought on “Nymphomaniac

  1. Although I had to sign a confidentiality waver, I just have to say that, even though the film editing/effects were far from complete, the movie was an amazing piece of narrative. Sure it had Trier’s quintessential explicit-almost-porn scenes, but it wouldn’t have been the same film without it. But the main character’s life and emotions were captured so incredibly well on scene, that I’ve never related to such an un-relatable as much as I did then. If you can handle it, I will definitely recommend everyone to see this film when in releases this fall. With it’s perfect balance of humous and emotional content, It’s truly Trier’s best film yet.

    More about the movie you can also find it here


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