Resurrecting NSNV

It’s always hard staring at a blank page and hovering your fingers over the keyboard thinking what would be good enough, interesting, not lame to write. That’s how I feel right now writing this post and coming up with an excuse for NSNV’s over a month long coma. Well, the truth (and not an excuse) is that summer was busy interning and shoving my foot between the door with a ‘Film Biz’ name on it. After that yet another move to this wet, wet island of United Kingdom and another process of adapting to a new school and a new environment.

It might sound like a big cliché but actually wishes and hopes do come true. The line ‘be careful what you wish for’ is pretty damn real. And so the time I spend playing while sitting in suitcases as a child has actually transformed into something concrete and I am getting to travel the world. As much as it hurts to leave the good friends, the good connections and the CN tower behind me, being in a new place is wonderful! It’s not like I need to spend the rest of my life here…

With that said, this blog deserved a bit of a new and less darker look – thus yellow. Pictures please…


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