American Horror Story

Because apparently watching The Conjuring and Hannibal wasn’t enough creepiness for a while, I continued with a show I only recently discovered: American Horror Story.

It indeed is a horror story that in the first few episodes doesn’t fully convince the viewer of what’s to come. But I must say that keep watching because the further you go the more entangled you get in the fragmented story. It’s an intriguing show with blood, ghosts, the latex man, a sexy French maid, romance, the worlds of living and dead, (what seems to be) a demon baby, a bit cliché relationships and all that jazz. The show is pretty much all over the place story-wise but it’s done on purpose in a working way. There are so many events and lives that are all connected by the haunting house, if nothing else. It’s unpredictable in most of the supernatural aspects although some of the relationship (problems) you saw coming from far away – but don’t let that put you off!

And on a little side-note: the cinematography is bad-ass! Really works well with the story. You even have zooms that work! Pro, if you ask me!

That said, I am only in the middle of season 1, so I will most likely come back to this later with my new discoveries.

If I’m not convincing enough, let this song from one of the episodes do the work:


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