Native Instruments – Maschine Studio announced!

Oh mah gawd Native Instruments did it again. They announced a new Maschine ready to release some beats. If you don’t know what Machine is, it’s some kind of controller to make music with, but what makes it special is the ease of use it comes with, the wide arrange of possibilities and the Native Instruments sounds that come with it. It pretty much makes you able to make music on your computer but without having to spend too much time on the actual computer. New in this software/hardware update is the lack of a plug-in limit (go nuts), a mixer page, a Cue bus, new drum synth models, a new plate reverb, updated User Interface (although previous users won’t get lost), extensive Sidechain possibilities (even on third party plugins) and sampling improvements. Also Midi File import (how was that not there before?).

There’s probably gonna come quite some educational videos with top DJ’s and producers which always have been really cool, so check out NI’s youtube channel to see how your favourite tunes of these days get made!, (
Now off I am, I need to make some money to get this baby!

Grtz K


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