I have been a bit too busy with my internship to update the blog regularly enough, my apologies! On the bright side, I’ve learnt a lot of new and useful information about bunch of aspects of filmmaking. Thanks for that (and a shout-out) goes to Raindance! If you’re an independent filmmaker and don’t know what Raindance is, click on that link. During my time here I’ve got to (like I said) learn good skills but also meet so many amazing people who share my passions for filmmaking – I guess I’m building that network or community everybody always talks about!

Just a bit of background. Raindance was founded by Elliot Grove and started off as a Raindance Film Festival in London (which is still going on). But from there they developed into a non-profit organization that provides independent filmmakers with resources like courses in any area of filmmaking, consultation and networking. They are also an international organization that has offices in quite a few places in Europe and North-America. So yeah, if you’re an independent filmmaker in despair (as I guess most of us at some point are), check them out.

That’s my mini-rant about what’s been going on and obviously I won’t leave you just with that because it’s always much more fun to check out a video that either motivates you, makes you think, or teaches you something (or all of those)! So, here’s an amazing short Wonderland that basically consists of interviews with artists who talk about, well, how to balance being an artist and staying true to your vision while trying to work for big companies who are more concerned with profit. And how in the midst of all that, to actually make money from the thing you love most in life – your art. It’s a pretty short and all the artists bring good insights, so check it out below.


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