Irie Vibes Roots Festival 2013

Next weekend Irie Vibes Roots Festival will take place in Handzame/Kortemark, Belgium again, two days of very chill roots reggae, dub, and some Spanish ska this year I’ve seen. Once again with a promising line-up including Maasai Warrior ft Iman Issachar, Barry Issac, Hughie Izachaar, Jah Youth Roots Ambassador with Lioness Fonts & Prince Livijah and many more.

It’s a pretty cheap festival (25€ in advance, 35 at the door for both days and afterparties), this Friday and Saturday (26-27/06), in a place quite reachable by train/free shuttle and with afterparties starting at 3 a.m. both days, by Jah Observer meets Chalice Soundsystem who announced a special roots revival session, I’m very excited since the past years every time they’ve blown me away with their sounds, this coming from a soundsystem that sounds as heavy and crystal clear as it looks amazing.Ah yes and great food and it looks really pretty and basically a lot of smoke and hair and colours etc. And a cheap watch if you’re lucky.

Here I once again managed all by myself to insert a link to the Irie Vibes homepage for more info (English), tickets, full program and directions.

See you there!



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