The Mighty Threes – Rasta Bussiness

It’s summer for the reals now and I shall put on yet another reggae record.



5 thoughts on “The Mighty Threes – Rasta Bussiness

    • Totally, I’m blown away by their Africa Shall Stretch for Her Hand album, it’s so good. Nice blog you’ve got there by the way, you’ve got a new follower with us! Any similar recommendations on this one?


  1. I haven’t listened to the whole of that album I will have to check it! Always loved this tune though.

    Similar sort of thing you might like is the album countrymen by the Twinkle Brothers- same sort of heavy, dark spiritual roots. ‘Free Us’, and ‘Never Get Burn’ are particularly good


    • Oh man, I have seen Twinkle Brothers live two years ago or something and that show was the turning point for me of kinda liking reggae to making it my absolute #1 favorite kind of music. They played at Irie Vibes Roots Festival in Belgium, a roots reggae/dub festival which I plan on blogging about asap.
      Babylon is a Trap, Faith Can Move Mountains, Never Get Burn… with Norman Grant looking like a new Messiah in a white dress and Dub Judah being both awesomely rude and endlessly smooth on bass, it was pretty much a revelation that night and I’ve been listening to their albums all the time ever since.
      The only albums I don’t get are the collabs with the Polish folklore bands (??), I never got the feel of that at all.
      As for the Mighty Threes, this is another gem from that album:
      grtz K


      • Wow, that Sinking in the Mist is phenomenal, love that bassline! Having now listened to the full album I definitely feel that that, alongside Rasta Business, are the best two tracks- the rest seem to have a slightly lighter feel. Are still very good though.
        That sounds great! I saw them at Outlook Festival and they were just as you described! Was one of the most enjoyable things I have ever seen. Yer I know what you mean those collab albums are slightly bizarre! With their other stuff I just love how deep and proper rootsy it is, some of the tracks on countrymen especially have so much power behind them. I think ‘Free Us’ may have to be my favourite of all their tunes those horns at the beginning are ridiculous! Am pretty sure have already followed your blog but will check and make sure I do if not!


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