Sightseers & A Field in England

Sightseers. A film that seems like a normal, feel-good comedy until it literally makes you go “What the fuck?” But, in a good way, mind you! The film directed by Ben Wheatley fared well in the awards-section and for a good reason. It tells a story of a couple who has only recently met. But, I guess, in order to explore each other’s worlds Tina and Chris decide to go on a road-trip through England. It all seems to go well until, well, it goes bad. Filled with beautiful English landscapes and messed up humour it’s a good summer-watch if you’re into a bit of psychotic behaviour.


Continuing along the lines of the same director, I also saw a trailer for his latest film A Field in England scheduled for a mid-summer release in UK. Based on the trailer I couldn’t figure out the story. Instead, it made an impression of being a visually engaging and impressive film. However, it seems equally absurd as Sightseers and thus is at least worth a watch.


For more information on both the director and the films you know you can always consult the good ol’ IMDB.


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