Usually I’m not someone who follows what actors and actresses wear to a specific event but somehow this year’s Cannes made me feel otherwise. That is not to say that the previous years haven’t premiered some gorgeous outfits, but this year I actually have time to follow and enjoy the red carpet. I’m obviously not posting all the looks, but mostly the ones that catch my eye in some way. Some of the looks are definitely more beautiful than others and vice versa but I guess all of the outfits here have something special about them, even if it’s just an obscure, brown “dress” that resembles more an art installation instead of a gown (I’m sure you know which picture I mean).

Also, I have started watching Hemlock Grove — a show about a small town’s events circling around the supernatural. But I won’t go into detail into the show now. I’ve yet to make up my mind about it and then I might blog about it in more detail. However, the reason I’m mentioning the show here is because the handsome young guy in the pictures is Bill Skarsgård and he stars in the show. Although his character in the show is your typical rich and rebellious outsider (which I find not so compelling), he does a good job playing the character. And in the pictures above I like his style, which to me looks like relaxed mixed with dapper.


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