Martha Marcy May Marlene


A bit of a film-sharing I want to give you…

I finally watched Martha Marcy May Marlene, directed by Sean Durkin (for whom this was a first feature length film). Starring Elizabeth Olsen, who was actually very good, the film tells a story of Martha who, after running away from a very disturbing cult, is trying to adjust back to normal life.

I liked the fact that this film kept me thinking about the issue it raises. When one thinks of it, it is quite creepy how easily, it seems, people can be brain-washed to believe and accept almost all kinds of absurdities. I don’t know if it’s even worse, that sometimes it seems to be working in a broad day light.

One thing I would frown upon is the ending of the film. Somewhat open-endings don’t bother me, but the ending of Martha Marcy May Marlene didn’t work as a somewhat open-ended. But, the ending doesn’t ruin the film in itself, thus I would suggest to watch it!



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