David Lynch – So Glad (from Crazy Clown Time)

A former teacher told me to listen to this a while ago and I finally got to it. Opinions seem a bit divided about David Lynch’s debut album but I think it’s amazing. The atmosphere Lynch is able to build in his tracks is sooo off the hook. Considering his films and material alike, this makes a lot of sence. And is it me or does his voice remind of Les Claypool from Primus on some tracks (like this one)?
The album is titled Crazy Clown Time which is a kick-ass name for an album like this and is pretty much how I imagine Lynch recording: two week old clown make-up on his face, jamming in a dark hedge in a shack somewhere in an American desert on organs, guitars and gear the devil owed him from one of the many bets he and Lynch have had and have going on.
Listen to this late, it’ll scare the shit out of you, but it does so damn beautifuly.
I’m actually listening to the album again writing this and damn, this is almost feeling like a magical moment because I realize I am gonna play this over and over and over and over.

Grtz K


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