Write a title, write a title… don’t be so up my ass WordPress. Jesus.

There was once a madman in Hasselt, Belgium. He wandered the streets with one of those tin foil helmets on that conspiracists use to keep the aliens out of their head, although rather for the aesthetic aspect of it than to keep his thoughts for himself since as it fits a true madman he shouted those around the city for all to hear. Words about angels coming down from the sky, weeping drops of blood into the water of the city. Words about people walking backwards in Lippens’ Street between 3 and 4 at night, and words about a man in a black overall standing on the corner with one arm stretched to the side and a tattoo of an arrow in the palm of his hand and words about where the road from there on leads to and more things like that.  I never really listened to the man because he smells like piss and booze and he was very unkind when he asked for my lighter last year and broke it on top of that. If you thought I was gonna dedicate a whole post to that fucking asshole you better think again.

No, I was going to write about what I was listening to before I was interrupted. I didn’t even see a madman, I was just in town to get the album of the song I want to blog about.

Actually that’s not true either. I didn’t meet a madman and I wasn’t listening to music. I’m not gonna just tell everyone what I did last week or what I care about or find interesting. Find your music yourself. Leave me alone.


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