Snowstorm Followed by Bluebird


Welcome to our blog’s new layout. I hope you enjoy it. I surely do (no bragging). I just find a change for a new year quite acceptable.

Unfortunately yesterday’s snowstorm completely ruined my plans of attending Porter Robinson’s show at Kool Haus. Yet today, looking outside, there’s no trace of any clouds. Instead, the weather is perfect for snowboarding. TOO BAD that is not an option for me since I am not close to any slopes whatsoever. What a waste of snow! (Although, at least winter is here now.)

It’s past one o’clock and I am finding this battle with bed-gravity being particularly tough today! Yet, school-work awaits me and I should not complain since I get to write a so called ‘monster analysis’ that deals with horror films. Other things to look forward to contain Valentine’s Day, the fast approaching reading-week, Spring, an exchange year in the Netherlands… I have no idea why this is turning into a journal-entry when I barely manage to write 10 lines in my usual posts.

I must’ve felt like I need to explain the sudden change in the look, and I’m probably secretly procrastinating. I shall comfort myself with a hot-and-sour soup later.

Either way, I wish you an excellent year of the snake. Love, prosper, and smile.



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