This one is gonna be a personal one again – it’s simply easy to talk about what’s close to the heart. The big upcoming thing in my life is meeting my girlfriend, with whom I’ve been in a long distance relationship for about a year and a half now. That probably explains the countdown you can see if you follow this blog. Three days from now Air Canada will have flown me from Brussels to Montreal and from Montreal to Toronto, where she studies. Toronto will be the furthest place I’ve been from where I was born so far but it’s not the first time I do that for her and every time I felt like I arrived home.

Some doubt that a young couple can keep up a relationship where you have to wait for a couple of months to meet up for a couple of weeks, but we’re getting there. We’re nicely over half of that waiting time and it works. It’s hard at times but it’s always good. It helps to see it as part of the adventure, it helps to show ourselves that we are devoted to this. Also the locations are epic.

I realize I am talking a lot more personally about myself (and my girlfriend) than I usually do, online at least, but it can be nice to know something about the writers of the blog you’re reading. Hereby I also let you know that from Thursday evening on, there’s probably not gonna be a lot of updates on this, since blogging or any other activity we usually manage to keep up kinda fades quickly, together with the capability of letting go of each other’s gaze.

Oh man, I don’t want to write about all this anymore. It might be important to know that I’m a 21 year old guy about to meet his girlfriend after four long months and that when that happens every other thought spins around somewhere in a cloud of chaotic background noise – wether that’s a good thing or not. I will make up for this messy post by adding a very cool song, straight from the ever so groovy Ubiquity Records.




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