This week I went to see a beautiful film Samsara. It was a nice change by not having a clear narrative (if any narrative at all) and no dialogue. It felt like it was more HD than films usually are (either TIFF has a projector supporting 70 mm or maybe it’s because I usually watch them all on my tiny computer screen)…. Either way, the landscapes were stunning and the scenes filmed in a way that made them seem beautiful on the pure level of cinematography (I’m not implying that the mass-production scenes were beautiful because of their content). And even though, like I said, the film didn’t seem to have a coherent narrative it still told a story through the images and the message (at least the way I perceived it) was powerful. I really recommend to check this beautiful piece of art out!

Oh, AND (!) they had a performance by Olivier de Sagazan which was epic (considering how I’ve failed to find more than one impressive performance by him online)!

Directed by Ron Fricke


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